Time to wake up

7 years 9 months ago #3664 by Darkcarper
Time to wake up was created by Darkcarper
HI all,
For past few months i have been looking into the news with some depth and dont like what am finding.
We all know about the 7/7 bombings in London well i have watched a few vids about the report that was relased and alot of things dont add up.
All am saying is have a look for yourself the info is out there all hidden in plain view.....
Check this site out but look for other info to confirm what your watching, http://wideshut.co.uk/77-the-big-pictur ... -bombings/ another one is the Alex Jones channel on youtube loads of info on there alot of it is about the yanks but we always follow them like sheep so watch and learn people......

<t>Bait it up</t>

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